Non-clogging Cutter Submersible Sewer Pumps 0.75 to 1.5kw 230 volts

The Olbin GNWQ series is a robust, high-performance submersible macerator pump. The heavy duty patented cutting device makes it excellent for pumping wastewater in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.


The GNWQ series is engineered to meet all challenges of a wastewater system. It fitted with a unique impeller for optimum hydraulic efficiency and a heavy-duty cutting device, which grinds solids into small particles to enable easily transporting fluids. The cutting impeller is design to macerate and shred diapers, sanitary pads, rags and plastic bags. The impeller has a unique back angle design which prevents materials winding on the rotor which prevents clogging..

All components are specially designed and manufactured to optimize operation and prolong pump service life.



Delivery: up to 36 m³/h
Head: up to 20 m
Power supply: Three-phase 50 Hz
Power: 0.75 to 1.5 kw
Temperature of pumped liquid: to 40 °C
Maximum immersion depth: 5 m
Pump flange compatible with Duck-foot guide rail system.
Pumps come complete with flange elbow & Float Switch



High Alloy Cutting Impeller System

GNWQ Cutter Sewer Pumps

Stainless Steel Cutting Ring

GNWQ Cutter Sewer Pumps

Duck-foot Guide Rail

GNWQ Cutter Sewer Pumps