Sewer Lift Station

ALANDA SEWER LIFT STATIONS is now consistently devoting ourselves to the historical mission of ‘more convenient water usage’. We focus on the research and development of household water usage, to ensure convenient, safe and environment-friendly water usage.


After 10 years’ research and development, ALANDA LIFTS Series Sewage Lift Station has been widely and successfully used in numerous apartments, hotels, shopping malls, markets, clubs, commercial buildings, bars etc. During the 2010 Shanghai World EXPO, it was used in multiple pavilions and won a good reputation. It is designed for sewage lifting, treatment and development, suitable for noncorrosive waste water, such as reclaimed water, faecal sewage, rainwater when gravity drainage could not be relied on.


This system applies to collect the liquid from toilet waste, shower, hand basin, washing machine etc., then pumps it to the main sewage system. It is also used for the collection of air-conditioner condensate water and pumping it to drainage system. The grinder pump with independent cutting devices cuts up the long fibre impurities and pump them to the main drainage pipeline.


It is based on simple, efficient emission and treatment technology, equipped with various pump components, modular cabinet. It reserves multiple position for input interfaces, thus coordinating the needs of different functions and requirements.


Special PE task, anti-corrosive and pressure-resistant. Patented design. High effective grinder pumps. Supports single or duplex-pump. Intelligent Pump Controller. Simple installation. Flexible connection Easy maintenance. Safe and reliable. High volume PE tank. No peculiar smell , no noise and perfect sealing. According to the requirements of DIN10256, all sewage lift stations should adopts independent air vent design, to balance the air pressure in and out of the tank. We suggest that the air vent pipe should be linked to the exterior wall.



ECP Smart Pump Controller:

The smart pump controller specially designed for sewage lift system could protect the system, perfectly coordinates the running curves of the system and the pump:

  • Support Single Pump Running
  • Auto/ Manual Running
  • Single phase/220V
  • Display Real-time Voltage And Running Current
  • Indicator Light
  • Red LED: Power On
  • Red LED: Running
  • Red LED: Pump Over-load, No-load Fault
  • Red LED: Over-voltage Fault
  • Red LED: Phase Sequence Fault
  • Red LED: Phase Lack Alarm
  • Liquid level Indicator, High Level Alarm
  • One Button Overload Current Setting
  • One Button Dry Load (No Load) Current Setting
  • Low Voltage And Over-voltage Protection
  • Current Overload Protection, Blocking Protection.
  • Dry load (no-load) Protection
  • Current Unbalance Protection
  • 72 hours Inspection Function (adjustable)
  • Sound-light Alarm
  • Remote Alarm BA relay port

Model: LIFTS110

LIFTS110 sewer lift station has a ball check valve inside and comes with a 1.1kw Submersible Pump fitted with a Macerating Impeller. Inlet options consist 1 x DN100 upside water inlet, 2 x DN100 side water inlets, 1 x DN50 side water inlet and 3 x DN40 side water inlets. Outlet is DN50 upside with a DN40 upside air vent

Sewage Lift Station LIFTS110 is used to collect the liquid from toilet waste, shower, hand basin, washing machine etc., then pumps it to the main sewage system.

Sewage Lift Station LIFTS110, once the pump and related pipes have been connected, the control unit can work automatically. It can be installed in a sewage pool, on the ground, or on the wall. Sewage Lift Station is equipped with one PE tank which has multiple water inlets, auto coupling installation, one built-in ball check valve. It has compact structure and can be installed in a smallest space.

LIFTS110 Sewage Lift Station�s protection level reaches IP68, so it can be used in situations may be submerged. Protection grade of ECP smart pump controller is IP54, so it must be installed under cover in a dry well ventilated place.


Sewer Lift Station


Sewer Lift Station


Sewer Lift Station



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