Model: WQK 0.75 kw 380v

WQK(50Hz) series pumps are widely applied in industry, agriculture, mining, construction, municipal, environmental protection, etc. They are suitable for draining water containing particles such as short fibres, paper scraps, etc. and soft solid, such as muddy water, dirty water, domestic wastewater, sewage, manure, etc.

They are ideal equipment for agricultural irrigation and drainage, pool silt cleaning and site construction. SGK series control cabinet can be used for independent pump running system and dual or twin systems where a 2 pump operating system is required.

Performance Range

  • Max. Flow: 105m3/h
  • Max. Head: 35m
  • Power Range: 2.2–7.5kw, Three Phase

Application Limits

  • Maximum liquid temperature +40?
  • pH level from 4-10
  • Maximum liquid density 1.2×103 kg/m3
  • Power frequency is 50Hz. Nominal voltage 380VAC three phase with the range from -10% to 10%.
  • Immersion depth from 0.5m-5m


  • 1. The durable whole cast iron parts design.
  • 2. The shaft material are all of stainless steel material 2Cr13 carbide double sides mechanical sealing.


  • Power: 0.75kw, 3 Phase
  • Max Head: 14m
  • Max Flow: 22 m3/h
  • Outlet: 2 inch

Price Including Vat: R3,680.00




Control Panel for One or Two Pump Operation

Price inclusive of VAT : R4,104.00

Dual pump control panel starter; our control panel are designed to operate 2 No submersible pumps automatically via float switches, probes mounted in the sump or tank.

The pump control panel requires 2 float switches to operate as above, those being;

  • i) Stop float
  • ii) Start float

The pumps can run on a duty/assist or duty/standby principle, which enables the two pumps to run together or as a backup should the duty pump fail.

The pump control panel is housed as standard in an I.P.55 mild steel enclosure with a stove enamelled RAL 7032 finish. EQUIPMENT INCLUDED AS STANDARD WITHIN OUR CONTROL PANEL

  • 1 – Door interlocked isolator; pad lockable in the off position
  • 2 – Triple pole contactors for Direct on Line starting
  • 2 – Triple pole thermal overload relays
  • 2 – Hands – Off – Auto selector switches
  • 1 – Automatic changeover relay to alternate the duty pump after each operation
  • 2 – Pump running indication lamps – coloured green
  • 2 – Pump overload tripped indication lamps – coloured amber


All our pumps are covered by a comprehensive warranty.

Our expert installation team will install your pump quickly and professionally.

We can courier your pump to all major towns and cities in South Africa within two to four working days. Email us with your delivery address details, model of pump and we will quote you for pump and delivery accordingly.